Halong Bay Weather in December

December is a festive month and why not celebrate your important event in Halong Bay?

Halong Bay Weather in December

  • For many, December is still a favorable month to visit Halong Bay with cold and dry weather and a low amount of rainfall.
  • No snow and frost in December in Halong Bay! With an average temperature of 19°C, the weather is very mild.
  • It is a great time to visit the caves and go for hikes around the islands.

Winter officially arrives at Halong bay in December. The highest temperature reaches only 22°C while the lowest temperature can drop to about 15°C. The humidity level is low and there is almost no rainfall this month.

December is the low tourist season for domestic travelers because it is quite cold to go out or swim on the beach. Thus, you can see very few local tourists in Halong Bay in winter, especially in December.

Halong Bay Weather in December


In December, we see the second lowest temperatures (February is the coldest) of the year. The average temperature is 19°C and sometimes it can fall to the lowest of 15°C. With this type of weather, you can engage in many outdoor activities without being too tired or sweaty. Be sure to bring some warm clothes because once out of the sun it can be quite chilly.


December has an average of 8 hours of sunlight every day. It is one of the sunniest months of the year. The copious amounts of sunlight and the small amount of precipitation make December the ideal month to pay Halong Bay a visit!


Even though November has less rain in volume, December does have fewer days where it rains. On average, it rains about 10mm over 4-8 days as compared to November when it rains 12mm over 7 days.


Humidity levels in December are down to 66% making it much more enjoyable to take part in outdoor activities as compared to the muggy summer months.

MonthHigh / Low (°C)Average rainfall (MM)Rain Days
December (2020)24.48°C (76.06°F) /  9.18°C (48.52°F)23.15mm / 0.91in4 days
December (2019)23.46°C (74.23°F) / 11.22°C (52.2°F)18.16mm / 0.71in3 days
December (2018)26.52°C (79.74°F) / 9.18°C (48.52°F)30.99mm / 1.22in5 days

Weather averages for December 

Pros and Cons of visiting Halong Bay in December


  • It is true that December is one of the coldest months of the year, but despite this fact, the temperature is quite agreeable and chilled for International visitors.
  • The temperature combined with the low humidity levels makes December a perfect month for outdoor activities.
  • Sunny, long, and dry days are very common in December.


  • With a low of 15°C, December can be too cold for the elderly and children.
  • You should consider bringing a warm sweater and jacket.
  • Although this is the low season for domestic travelers, a lot of foreigners still come to Halong Bay.
  • Activities under the water like swimming and snorkeling are not suitable.

Events in Halong Bay in December

Christmas is not celebrated as an official holiday in Vietnam, but it is still recognized to a degree and there may be Christmas decorations and Christmas music playing on cruises, in shops, and in restaurants.

Christmas celebration in Vietnam.

Best things to do in Halong Bay in December


Winter kayaking is a not-to-miss experience in Halong Bay in December as it is the best paddling season. Gentle sea breeze, clear skies, and warm sea temperature in December are ideal conditions for kayaking. You should wear long-sleeve clothing in case the temperature falls too low.

Taking an overnight cruise

It goes without saying that cruising when there is little to no wind and rain is one of the most wonderful experiences. Getting on a cruise ship for a journey into the breathtaking beauty of Halong Bay, you also have a chance to take part in onboard activities such as morning tai chi, sunset party, squid fishing, and listening to live music.


Climbing to the top of mountains in agreeable weather conditions and plenty of sunshine makes you feel comfortable and not sweaty or stuffy. However, there are some chilly days that may deter you from hiking.

Exploring caves

If you do not mind the crowd, you will enjoy the caving experience in the cold weather of December. The sky is sunny and bright with little rainfall and wind. Inside the cave, it can be much colder so you should wear warm clothes, especially sweaters and pairs of sports shoes to avoid slipping.

Activity ratings


Best places to do

Pros and cons in December



Luon cave, Dark & Bright cave, Tung Sau pearl farm, Ao Ech area, Ba Trai Dao beach

- Pros: Cold and dry weather will not make you feel too tired.

There is less chance of rain and other bad weather conditions that may affect your trip.

- Cons: It can be very crowded in famous tourist attractions.


Taking overnight cruise

Heritage Binh Chuan cruise, Elite of the Seas cruise

- Pros: Moderate weather, except for some chilly days. The humidity level is low. Bad weather conditions are less likely to affect your visit.

- Cons: Price can be higher



Bai Tho mountain, Yen Tu mountain, Titop mountain, Ngu Lam mountain

- Pros: Dry weather, little rainfall. As you climb many steps to the top of the mountain, you will not be exhausted by the extreme weather as in summer.

- Cons: The journey can be not suitable and too demanding for many people.


Exploring caves

Sung Sot cave, Thien Cung cave, Dark & Bright cave

- Pros: Good weather to explore the cave, a low chance of rain

- Cons: The cave can be very touristy. There are some very cold days which are not suitable for getting out.


What to pack when traveling to Halong Bay in December

Even though the air might feel cold, the sun rays can still be harmful. Always pack sun protection like sunscreen, long sleeve shirts, or hats/caps. The water temperature might be warmer than the air temperature so you can bring essential gear for water activities like kayaking and visiting floating villages.

A sweater and jacket are not a bad idea as it can get quite chilly in the evening and out of the sun.



Packing list


  • Cold and dry weather
  • Clear vision and sunny sky
  • A pair of sports shoes or sandals
  • Long-sleeve T-shirts
  • Sunscreen

Taking overnight cruise

  • Low humidity
  • Gentle breezes
  • Almost no chance of heavy downpours
  • Camera
  • Warm clothes 
  • Sunscreen


  • Cold weather with low humidity
  • Less amount of rainfall
  • A pair of sports shoes
  • Insect repellent
  • Comfortable clothes
  • Camera

Exploring caves

  • Bright and sunny days
  • Low temperature and humidity level
  • Camera
  • Comfortable clothes and sports shoes

Local tips

  • The cold weather in December does not mean less extreme sun rays so sun protection like sunscreen, sun hat are still necessary items. 
  • The weather might not be suitable for swimming but you can try other water and outdoor activities.
  • Cruises and other services can be overbooked on Christmas and New Year's Eve so the price can be increased.
  • You should book cruise and services far in advance if your departure date is on special occasions


1. Is Halong Bay in December worth it? 

Of course, yes. Although the temperatures can sometimes be too cold, it is endurable for Westerners. Besides, there are many sunny days and almost no rain so you can enjoy plenty of outdoor activities. In addition, although this is not the low season, there are fewer domestic travelers on the sites.

2. Is it too cold in Halong Bay in December?

With the average temperature of 19°C, it is in fact not too cold but chill for those who are accustomed to cold weather. However, on some days, the temperature can drop to 15°C which can be chilly.

3. What are the necessary items should I bring along to Halong Bay in December?

The cold and sometimes chilly weather in Halong Bay in December calls for warm clothes only. Swimsuits might not be suitable. You should pack sunscreen, a camera, and pairs of sports shoes for outdoor trips.

4. Is December a low or high season?

December is among festive and vibrant months but it is not as crowded as peak months like October and November. You will have enough space to enjoy onboard and outdoor activities on Halong Bay.

5. Can I enjoy swimming and snorkeling in Halong Bay in December?

The sea water is much cooler in winter so it is in fact not suitable for swimming and snorkeling. Alternatively, you can enjoy kayaking, mountain trekking, and cave exploring instead.

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