A Guide to The "Dark and Light" Cave Halong bay

Only accessible by boat or kayak, Dark & Light Cave is one of the least visited but most interesting of all the caves to be found in Halong Bay.

A Guide to The "Dark and Light" Cave Halong bay


Sat at the edge of Halong Bay, Dark & Light Cave can be found in Lan Ha Bay. Lan Ha Bay is a few kilometers away from the more frequently visited caves and closer to Cat Ba National Park, so it may take an hour or two to get here from other caves. Once you arrive, a dazzling combination of white limestone karsts, emerald green waters and the dark mystery of the caves create a wonderful atmosphere making this a trip worth taking.

Kayaking near Dark and Light cave!

Two caves in one

The cave is named Dark & Light Cave because it’s actually a system made up of two separate caves. Dark Cave is 100 meters long with very little natural or artificial light so you will need a flashlight inside! Light Cave, on the other hand, is considerably shorter and has tonnes of natural light beaming through gaps and holes in the rock making it feel like a church carved by Mother Nature herself. Light Cave is always accessible whereas Dark Cave is sometimes swallowed by the tide.

Passing through the caves you will see a sea valley surrounded by magnificent mountains. Take this opportunity to soak in your surroundings and make your trip an unforgettable one.

In the past, lucky travelers have found fossils that give a reminder that people lived here thousands of years ago. The surrounding waters are rich with marine life, as you kayak around the caves you will see many fish native to this part of the East sea.

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