Halong Bay Weather in August

August is still a hot month and may subject to seasonal storms. Nonetheless Halong Bay is still an attractive destination for the month since it will be a lot less crowded than the high season.

Halong Bay Weather in August

  • August has the lowest amount of sunshine of the year, a mere 6 hours a day as opposed to 7 or 8 hours in other months.
  • Due to the lack of sunshine, August is the least popular month to visit Halong Bay.
  • Just like July, storms and other bad weather conditions occur more frequently.
  • Make sure you stay informed about the weather day-to-day.
  • It is still hot in August so make sure to pack sun protection and a swimsuit.

August is the last month of summer. Similar to June and July, August is a hot and wet month and may be subject to seasonal storms. Halong Bay this month brings the lowest number of sunshine hours and the humidity level is also on a gradual decline.

However, to a certain extent, Halong Bay is August still an attractive destination since it falls in the off-peak season and you can take advantage of many cruises' discounts and promotions.

August weather in Halong Bay

Halong Bay weather in August can be described as hot and wet. The average temperature is always above 30°C with highs in the mid-thirties and lows of 25°C. Downpours and extreme weather like storms occur more this month. The precipitation can reach 700mm falling on 24 wet days (August 2020). The humidity level experiences a slight decrease to around 75% so you may not feel too hot. Halong Bay in August enjoys the lowest amount of sunshine with only 6 hours of sunshine per day.

These are contributing factors to the reduction of tourists in Halong Bay in August. If you still want to travel, be sure to keep an eye on the weather forecast before you head over to Halong Bay. On the other side, on sunny days, Halong Bay is best for water activities such as swimming and kayaking. You can also travel at a lower cost of cruise and services thanks to a wide range of summer promotions.

MonthHigh / Low (°C)Average rainfall (MM)Rain Days (≥2mm)
August (2020)33.66°C (92.59°F) / 23.46°C (74.23°F)721.73mm / 28.41in24 days
August (2019)33.66°C (92.59°F) / 18.36°C (65.05°F)499.02mm / 19.65in28 days
August (2018)33.66°C (92.59°F) /  24.48°C (76.06°F)131.36mm / 5.17in14 days
August (2017)32.64°C (90.75°F) / 26.52°C (79.74°F)206.75mm / 8.14in17 days
August (2016)32.64°C (90.75°F) / 25.5°C (77.9°F)239.41mm / 9.43in16 days

August Weather Averages 

Pros and Cons of visiting Halong in August


  • August is a hot month and because of this, it is a great time to enjoy some water-based activities to cool down! Snorkeling, swimming, and kayaking are all popular options.
  • Because there is a high chance of unfavorable weather conditions, many people avoid going to Halong Bay during August. If you don’t mind taking a bit of risk, traveling to Halong Bay in August might be quite a bargain.


  • Bad weather can really interfere with your plans and it is wise to keep yourself informed of the weather situation every hour. As every day is likely to be a scorcher it might not be for everyone to visit Halong Bay in August.

Events in Halong Bay in August

There are no public holidays or festivals in August.

Best things to do in Halong Bay in August

Swimming and kayaking

The boiling heat in summer is always perfect for water-based activities, especially swimming and kayaking, the two typical things to do in Halong Bay. Top attractions for swimming and kayaking in Halong Bay are Titop Island, Luon Cave, Tung Sau Pearl Farm, Viet Hai Village, Ba Trai Dao Beach, and so on. Most cruise itineraries include these two activities and charges may apply for kayaking.

Cave exploring

The cool temperature in Halong Bay caves is a stark contrast to the extreme heat outside. Therefore, exploring beautiful caves on a kayak or a bamboo boat becomes an appealing activity. Halong Bay is known for Surprise Cave, Dark & Bright Cave, and Luon Cave.


Although there is a higher chance of cancelation due to bad weather, cruising is still a favorite and worth-trying activity on Halong Bay. You can either choose a day cruise or an overnight cruise that matches your budget, time, and schedule. If you choose an overnight cruise and are not accustomed to the tropical weather in Halong Bay in August, you can choose to stay onboard instead of getting off. There are many interesting things that keep you entertained on the cruise such as tai chi class in the morning, cooking demonstrations, live music, and squid fishing.

Visiting museums

The rainy weather in August may deter you from joining outdoor activities; therefore, indoor activities like visiting museums are a perfect choice. The most notable museum is Quang Ninh Museum located on Tran Quoc Nghien Street. The museum opens from 8:00 - 11:30, 13:30 - 17:00 and the ticket prices are VND 40.000/ adult, VND 20.000/ student, and VND 10.000/ child. Here you can get insight into the ocean and nature, Quang Ninh’s historical values, see unique exhibits of archaeological artifacts, and the economic and cultural achievements of Quang Ninh Province.

Another option is the 3D Funny Art Museum located inside Marine Plaza. The museum opens from 9:00 to 22:00 and it costs VND 80.000/ adult and VND 50.000/ child. You can take beautiful photos with the paintings of many famous attractions in Halong and the wildlife.

Playing in Sun World Halong Complex

Being the largest themed park in Vietnam, Sun World Halong Complex is a paradise for fun-filled games and activities that are suitable for both adults and children. The ticket price ranges from VND 200.000 to VND 350.000/ person. 

Visiting Tuan Chau Park

Tuan Chau Park is a great amusement park and an appealing attraction for tourists in the summer. The highlights of the park are dolphin shows, sea lions, movie theater 5D, 9D, and some extreme games. The ticket price is VND 280.000/ adult and children under 1m are free of charge.

Activities summary and ratings





- Pros: Low season,  discount price

- Cons: High chance of thunderstorms can affect the trip



- Pros: Hot weather (36°C)

- Cons: Weather is unpredictable so not being enjoyable all days in August


Cave exploring 

- Pros: It is much cooler inside the cave, you will feel more comfortable

- Cons: Some sudden rains may deter you from visiting


Visiting museums

- Pros: Good alternative for rain days in August or people who do not like outdoor activities

- Cons: Can be overcrowded due to peak domestic tourist season in August

8.5/ 10

Visiting amusement parks

- Pros: Plenty of entertainment activities, suiting both adults and children

- Cons: Some outdoor activities cannot be enjoyed during bad weather


What to pack when traveling to Halong Bay in August

  • Avoid packing any heavy and thick clothes for August, it will be too hot, and wearing those pieces of clothing will make you sweaty! If you are visiting Halong Bay on a day trip you should bring alternative clothes, just in case you get wet and need to change. 
  • Swimsuits and sunscreen are a great idea, it gets quite hot in August and though it may be cloudy, the sun is strong! A raincoat is a useful item for any backpack as it will keep you dry in case you get caught in an unexpected rainstorm.

Packing list


August weather

Packing list


- Hot

- Humid (>75%)

- A higher chance of storms

- Sunscreen

- Sun hat for sun protection while getting outdoors

- Light clothes


- Hot and moist

- Rains and storms are quite often

- Sunscreen

- Swimsuits

- Bath towels

- Sandals

- Light clothes for change

Visiting museums

- A higher chance of rains and storms

- Sunscreen

- Sandals

- Camera

Visiting amusement parks

- Hot and humid

- Light and breathable clothes

- Camera

Local tips

If you are considering traveling to Halong Bay in August, we will tell you some insider tips and what you can expect from the weather this month:

  • You only need to pack light, breathable clothes and swimsuits. A raincoat is also necessary for some rainny days.
  • Do not forget to apply sunscreen because the sun rays are very strong.
  • Keep an eye on the weather forecast and stay in touch with the cruise operator to make sure the schedule is not canceled.


Is August a good month to visit Halong bay?

August together with June and July is not as good as other months for a trip to Halong Bay because this month experiences higher rainfall, much warmer temperatures, and occasional storms and typhoons. Though the weather is not ideal, it is not necessary to raise an alarm. If you don't mind the risks of bad weather, you can really enjoy better deals.

Is it hot in Halong Bay in August?

Halong Bay in August is still hot, the high temperatures always exceed 30°C. With a bit lower humidity, the weather may not be as stuffy as in June and July.

Does it rain a lot in Halong bay in August?

Yes, August is perhaps the rainiest month of the year. Tropical rainstorms usually arrive in the afternoon. In addition, storms and typhoons also appear more frequently and last for 2 to 3 days.

Is it better to go to Halong bay in August or September?

In terms of weather, September is a much better time than August for traveling to Halong Bay for sure because September signals the arrival of autumn with more comfortable weather. However, this is also the start of peak season so you may be overwhelmed by the crowds.

What items should I pack when traveling to Halong bay in August?

In the hot and moist weather of Halong Bay in August, you need light clothes, sandals, and sports shoes. Light rain jacket in case you get wet because of downpours when you are off the boat. Meanwhile, swimsuits are suitable for sunny days. 

What are alternative activities for rainy days in Halong Bay in August?

Halong Bay in August experiences a lot of torrential rains so there are several alternative options instead of overnight cruises including day cruises, experiencing fantastic games in Sunworld Complex, watching a dolphin show in Tuan Chau Park, or visiting Quang Ninh Museum.

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