Accredited Journalists

The representatives of the international press who will arrive in Peru to cover the event will have to apply, without exception, for a journalism visa prior to their trip.

Journalist migratory status visa

Journalism is an immigration status granted to foreign reporters who arrive in Peru to perform professional services. Foreign reporters, journalists and representatives of foreign media are considered.

Who issues Visas?

Peruvian consulates and consular sections of embassies.

Visa Cost

The issuance of the visa is free of charge.

Visa Form & Foreign Press Accreditation

Temporary admission of film material and equipment

The non-resident travelers can enter for the term of their stay in the national territory and with the suspension of the payment of taxes and without obligation to submit a guarantee for up to a maximum of twelve (12) months, the goods of professional use that they require for the fulfillment of their functions.

Previously, when applying for a visa, the journalists must submit before our institutions the valued and detailed list of the equipment that will enter the country, for which they must download, fill out and deliver the Form for temporary admission of equipment and material for professional use.

Fly-away transmission equipment and drone cameras require a special permit issued by the Peruvian Ministry of Transport and Communications, which the journalists must manage directly.