Table of contents

Energy policies

Renewable Energy Policies Approaches will have to be more holistic and sophisticated to reflect the transformative changes induced by the energy transition on the energy sector, society and economy. As renewable technologies mature, policy makers in the World as well as in Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC) are confronted with new challenges.

Sun World 2019 examines:

  • Policies in the heating and cooling sector
  • Policies in the transport sector
  • Policies in the power sector
  • Policies for system integration
  • Policies for energy access

Conference topics

  • Integration Opportunities for renewable energy in Peru and Latin America.
  • Integration Opportunities for renewable energy around the world.
  • The systemic integration of the non-conventional renewable energy and distribution concerns.
  • The introduction of renewable energy in the context of climate change and its sustainable development.
  • The market penetration of the renewable energy: nationwide and worldwide.

Fiscal policies, regulations and technical standards

Fiscal policies, regulations and technical standards differ across countries, depending on access to resources, topology, geography, population density, technical capacity to operate systems, legal obligations, inter-agency relationships, and other factors. Sun World 2019 focuses on the general features of specific renewable technologies and how these characteristics raise issues for regulators.

Conference topics

  • Public policies and regulations to foster the use of renewable energy in Peru and Latin America.
  • Global trends in regulatory policies for the development of the renewable energy in distributed generation.
  • Distributed generation for self-consumption and its corresponding regulations.

Technological innovation

Technological Innovation in Renewable Energy in order to increase awareness of renewable energy opportunities and to facilitate development and commercialization of solutions. Sun World 2019 will help researchers, manufacturers, economists and governments to keep abreast of new developments in this field and join hands to explore alternative energy solutions.

Conference topics

  • Heating and cooling technologies
  • Solar greenhouses
  • Software development applied to the renewable energy
  • Parabolic troughs
  • Solutions to the performance of renewable energy sources
  • Solar architecture and the integration of renewable energy into the building industry
  • Renewable Energy for Mobility
  • Solar water treatment and agricultural applications
  • The science of materials and solar energy resource assessment
  • Solar LED lighting solutions
  • Innovative energy storage facilities
  • Cities of the world harnessing energy from renewable energy resources

Solar and renewable energy

Sun World 2019 addresses current applications of solar energy and other types of renewable energy in various sectors of the economy such as agriculture, industry and rural electrification.

Conference topics

  • Photovoltaic systems for self-consumption and the sale of surplus energy to the Power Grid
  • Safe and efficient practices applied to the design and installation of photovoltaic systems for self-consumption
  • Power electronics: efficient and reliable interface for solar energy systems
  • Distributed generation for self-consumption
  • Control and monitoring systems for industrial and mining processes
  • Capacity Building for harnessing renewable energy

Investment and finance

Mobilizing finance for investment and innovation in carbon-free or low-carbon energy is a crucial challenge for climate change mitigation. Sun World 2019 discusses the ‘direction’ of innovation that financial actors create, and seeks to formulate new research questions about how finance affects the directionality of innovation, and the implications for Renewable Energy policies.

Conference topics

  • Financial mechanisms for investment in renewable energy
  • Financial mechanisms to increase the supply of appropriate finance: Green Bonds, Concessional finance, Cornerstone and Challenge Funds, Mobilizing Sovereign Fund and Institutional investors’ assets
  • Mechanisms to reduce uncertainty
  • Financing mechanisms for renewable energy projects and current status of the financial markets for green energy
  • The economic benefits of investing in renewable energy