1. Purpose

    SUN WORLD 2019 is an international event of special interest to Peru, which aims to promote and attract investments in solar energy as well as to shed light on the latest advances in technology for the use of renewable energy.

    This event will consist of presentations and keynote speeches, high-level meetings and an exhibition area.

  2. Organizing committee and venue location

    This event is organized by the Ministry of Energy and Mines of Peru (MINEM) and co-organized by the International Solar Alliance (ISA).

    The Sun World Exhibition will take place on November 12, 13 and 14, 2019 from 9:00h to 18:00h (GMT -05:00), on the first floor of the Lima Convention Center, located in the district of San Borja, Lima, Peru.

  3. Exhibitors

    The following entities qualify as Exhibitors:

    • Renewable energy technology companies
    • Investors and Multilateral Organizations oriented to Renewables
    • Government entities interested in Renewable Energy
    • The Academia
    • Small and medium entrepreneurs in the Renewable Energy sector
    • Regional Governments with initiatives and developments in Renewables
  4. Revocation of participation

    The Organizing Committee, without prejudice, reserves the right to revoke the participation and/or require the removal of any display or booth, temporarily or definitively – even during the event – when Exhibitor fails to comply with the provisions set out in these Regulations or any other provision given by the Organizing Committee.

  5. Change of company name or legal entity name

    The Exhibitor must inform the Organizing Committee by notice in writing at least thirty (30) days before the start date of the Sun World 2019 if it requires changing its company name or legal entity name with which it originally applied for a booth space. Furthermore, it must prove that the new company name belongs to the same business group to avoid conflicts.

    Exhibitors are not allowed to assign to any other company or institution all or part of their booth allotted them.

  6. Booth allocation

    The Organizing Committee will assign the booths according to groups and order of confirmations received, the date of receipt of their Letter of Intent, Letter of Commitment and Registration Form. However, the Organizing Committee has the right to amend booth locations if deemed necessary or appropriate.

  7. Booth characteristics

    There will be 9m² (3×3) and 12m² (3×4) booths made with Octanorm components, vertical and horizontal structures with ionized aluminum profiles, 15mm wood-based panels with white melamine coating on both sides. Each booth will have a fascia which should only bear the name of the company or exhibiting institution, made of Alucobond and covered with self-adhesive vinyl printed in high resolution (1440 DPI). Organic inks, full color and matte finish will be used.

    Double fascia will only be considered for booths that are located in corners.

    As for furniture, the organization will provide 1 table and 2 chairs for each booth. If additional furniture is required, it must be provided by the Exhibitor and harmonize with the furniture provided with the booth.

    As for electrical and internet installations, the organization will provide basic electrical connections and internet via Wi-Fi.

  8. Mounting and dismantling

    1. Mounting

      Only personnel presenting their Mounting/Dismantling Pass, which will be provided by the Organizer, may enter to mount the booths. Exhibitors will be able to carry out the installation and decoration works with their respective suppliers on November 9 from 06:00h to 18:00h. Therefore, no work will be allowed after the aforementioned date and time, as established in the Exhibitors Guidelines document sent to each company/institution with an alloted booth.

      Exhibitors must have their allocated space properly conditioned for the exhibition, free of debris, boxes and material.

      All packaging material and waste must be removed from the premises before the end of the mounting deadline.

      In addition, Exhibitors must consider the following:

      • Avoid the use of paint, glue, nails, staples, pins or any material that may damage the integrity of aluminum panels and/or structures.
      • Exhibitors will be responsible for any damage caused to the components of the booth during mounting, exhibition days, and dismantling, and they will be responsible for covering the value of its replacement or repair, which will be calculated by the Organizing Committee. Likewise, goods, materials and equipment brought in by Exhibitors and/or Contractors shall not be allowed to be removed, as long as Exhibitors and/or Contractors are not responsible for any damage caused, if any.
      • Exhibitors shall strictly keep to the timetable established for the mounting and/or decoration of their booth spaces.
      • The maximum height allowed for booth decoration shall be 4.00mt, as coordinated with the company suggested by the organizing committee, with the aim of maintaining harmony and a high-level exhibition area.
      • It is not allowed to paint or change the original state, nor the carpets of the booth. All space must be left in the same condition as it was before set up.
      • All construction, decoration and installation works shall be at the Exhibitors expense, risk and responsibility.
      • Furniture, accessories and other decorating items provided by Exhibitors shall be in optimal conditions, or new.

      The Organizing Committee is entitled to stop any work it deems inappropriate.

      The wiring or electrical connections made for the decoration of the booth must be previously coordinated with the Organizing Committee. Only three-phase wires shall be used to pass inspection by the personnel of Defensa Civil. Any other connection that does not meet this requirement will be removed.

    2. Dismantling

      • It is forbidden to remove objects from the Exhibition or to dismount the booths before the closing of the Exhibition.
      • The timetable to dismantle and remove of the goods is established by the Organizing Committee: November 15, 2019 from 08:00 to 16:00 h.
      • Exhibitors, without exception, must show their Dismantling Pass in order to enter the Exhibition area; otherwise, they will not be allowed to enter.
      • It is recommended that Exhibitors appoint a supervisor for the booth to stay there until the goods and installations inside their allocated space have been completely done.
      • Decoration items and exhibited goods may be withdrawn upon submission of a Logistics Form and the Withdrawal of Goods Form, authorized by the Convention Center Security Department.
      • The Organizing Committee shall be entitled to remove decorative items and goods left after the dismantling period at the risk and cost of the Exhibitor. All expenses and risks caused by these works shall be borne by the Exhibitor.
    3. Mounting Prohibitions

      • It is forbidden to spray paints on any kind of object inside the exhibitions area.
      • The use of gas, kerosene or other flammable fuel devices is not permitted.
      • The operation of combustion engines is not allowed. In any event, engines may be displayed but with empty tanks.
      • It is not allowed to display dangerous, flammable, explosive or hazardous materials that may cause unpleasant odors and discomfort to other Exhibitors or visitors.
  9. Entry of materials for decoration and display

    The decoration material and display merchandise will be entered into the Convention Center with a list of each equipment/item duly detailed and identified (bar code, fixed asset codes, etc.) signed by the representative of the Exhibiting company.

    Exhibitors undertake to inform about these Regulations to the companies they hire to carry out the transport, loading and unloading, as well as mounting and dismantling of their goods.

  10. Advertising activities in the exhibition area

    Advertising material and brochures may not be distributed or displayed outside the exhibitor’s booth. The use of optical and portable media is permitted, as long as they do not disturb neighboring Exhibits or block attention to visitors.

  11. Booth schedule

    Exhibitors undertake to have their booths fully operational at least 30 minutes before the opening hour to visitors (09:00 h) and to have permanent staff until the closing hour (18:00 h). If the Exhibitor needs to have two shifts, it must apply for authorization.

    Exhibitors must consider the provision of the law that does not allow the hiring of minors, without legal authorization, and the authorization of the Organization.

    For security reasons, Exhibitors may not remain in the Exhibition area after 18:30 h; otherwise, they will be asked to leave by the security guards.

    Each exhibiting company must introduce to the Sun World 2019 Organizing Committee its Booth Manager (responsible and point of contact), as well as each person who will rotate or work at the booth, indicating the following data:

    • Full name
    • Nationality
    • ID
    • Profession
    • Work he/she will perform for the Exhibiting company/institution
    • Dates of participation at the event
    • Shift at the event

    All this information must be submitted in a Sworn Statement Form addressed to the Organizing Committee, attesting that none of them has police or criminal record, whether in Peru or abroad.

    All personnel must apply for their badge, and wear it to access the Exhibition area daily.

  12. Sale of material and products

    The sale of products or services by exhibitors or their visitors/guests will not be permitted.

    In the case of products, equipment and machinery, these will only be removed from the exhibition zone after the closing of the event on the date of dismantling, with the corresponding documentation and transportation guide for their removal.

  13. Additional services

    1. Electrical installations

      Booths will include power supply with different electrical charges (1000 to 3000 watts).

      If the Exhibitor requires a different electrical charge, the Exhibitor must inform the Organizing Committee in writing and promptly of the feasibility of its use, even when the Exhibitor exclusively bears the costs.

      If voltage and charge variations are detected at any booth, the Exhibitor will be penalized with a fine equivalent to an Applicable Tax Unit (UIT).

    2. Cleaning

      The Organizing Committee will arrange for general cleaning of the exhibition premises. However, Exhibitors are responsible for cleaning their booth space, for which they must have the minimum necessary implements.

    3. Badges and Entry Pass

      Badges will be issued to Exhibitors and their staff, who have previously submitted a statement indicating not to have police or criminal record.

      • Mounting/Dismantling Pass: For construction or installation contractors. It will be valid only during the mounting and dismantling period.
      • Exhibitor Badge: The Organizing Committee will give Exhibitors a certain amount of badges, after prior registration.
    4. Security:

      The Security Department is responsible for the security of the event premises. This service does not include monitoring of the booths during the period of exhibition.

      Exhibitors may hire their own security service during the Exhibition hours, without these personnel affecting the normal operation of the exhibition. The permanence of these guards is not allowed outside the exhibition hours. The security guards must be approved by the Organizing Committee and comply with the security standards.

      The Organizer is not responsible for the loss or damage to any of the areas during the exhibition hours, mounting and dismantling.

  14. Liabilities

    Exhibitors shall be liable for all damage they cause to the event venue. Any damages will be valued by the Organizing Committee and paid by the Exhibitor before removing their goods.

    The Organizing Committee is not responsible for:

    • Thefts or robberies in the booths during the Exhibition daily schedule.
    • Loss and/or damage to vehicles, equipment, merchandise, installations, tools, decoration material that the Exhibitor or its contractors have entered the LCC.
    • Accidents that may be suffered by the Exhibitor’s own or contracted personnel.
    • Damages that the Exhibitor or its personnel may cause to third parties.
    • Power supply failure or interruption caused by an event of Force Majeure.

Exhibitors undertake to, at its expense, make their booths accessible to people with impairment, including an access ramp suitable for manual and power wheelchairs.

  1. Restrictions

    It is not permitted to:

    • Make explicit sales.
    • Exhibit or promote products that are not consistent with the renewable energy sector.
    • Conduct any activity or product demonstration that may cause danger or put exhibitors and visitors at risk such as fumes, excessive noise, odors, use of fuels such as gas, gasoline, diesel or any other similar products.
    • Display addresses or any information other than that of the registered company name or trademark on the fascia of the booth, or to exceed its measures.
    • Mention another company, whether or not it is an Exhibitor.
    • Promote acts of political propaganda or any other kind.
    • Enter food for the personnel working in the booth.
    • Share your booth space with another company or institution that has not been accepted or confirmed as an Exhibitor.
  2. Promotion of the event

    Exhibitors shall collaborate extensively with the dissemination of the Sun World 2019 event on their digital channels, while advertising their participation, under the following special indications:

  3. Additional information

    Exhibitors must respect and comply with all the instructions provided by the Organizing Committee contained herein, their eventual amendment and any new document prepared for this event.

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