Escuela Energética para Mujeres eMujer culmina con éxito su segundo módulo de capacitación en Puno

Energy Training School for Women “eMujer” successfully completes its second training course in Puno

A group of locals from Cayachira and Cabanillas, in the district of Santa Lucía, Province of Lampa, in Puno, attended the second course conducted by the Energy Training School for Women “eMujer”, promoted by the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) and the Ministry of Energy and Mines of Peru (MINEM), through the Directorate General for Energy Efficiency (DGEE). This project aims at developing the capacities of rural women and turning them into energy services managers in their communities.

eMujer seeks to promote women’s capabilities in the use, management, and sustainability of clean technologies, such as domestic photovoltaic systems and improved cookstoves; as well as to generate employment opportunities through practical training and skills development. It is sought that they transform their role as users and become promoters of this type of technology, contributing to the reduction of environmental pollution.

The workshops conducted in the second training course “Development of technical capacities of clean technologies” were held from August 8 to 12 in the community of Limón Verde, Santa Lucia. In total, 16 women received training on the operation, maintenance, and implementation of photovoltaic systems to improve their health, that of their families, their communities, and care for the environment.

In the 40-hour course, taught in Spanish and Quechua, they learned theoretical and practical concepts about the use of solar energy, such as the parts, operation, connectivity, and electric power generation through the installation of a photovoltaic system designed for rural households.

It should be noted that the eMujer program is supported by the “Nationally Appropriate Mitigation Actions (NAMA) in the Energy Sector in Peru,” funded by the Global Environment Facility (GEF) and implemented by MINEM and UNDP.

The program includes three training courses: “Good practices for the use of clean technologies,” totaling 20 hours; “Development of technical capacities of clean technologies,” totaling 40 hours; and, “Creation of micro-businesses that offer green products and services,” totaling 60 hours.

Upon completion of courses I and II, the participants may become clean technology promoters and will be able to offer installation and maintenance services for sustainable energy technologies, such as clean cookstoves, photovoltaic systems, among others. eMujer has been conducted in Puno and Cusco, and soon in Loreto and Cajamarca. The next workshop will be held in September in the district of Mazán, and will be organized in coordination with local authorities.

This effort is part of government policies that seek to promote the empowerment of women in rural areas, their employability and labor insertion in the clean technologies market, and the reduction of greenhouse gases.

Source: Ministry of Energy and Mines of Peru (MINEM)