Gorvol, gorra solar

Peruvian university students create a prototype of solar cap mobile charger

Students of Pedro Ruiz Gallo National University (UNPRG) of Lambayeque presented the prototype of a solar cap, with solar panels on brim of cap that are capable of producing energy from sunlight to recharge mobile devices.

This solar cap created by the Gor-Volste Solar Energy Project will allow farmers that are left out of reach due to the discharging of their mobile battery to recharge their device by using this technology.  It also has high-efficiency LED’s for night shifts.

Furthermore, the students are in the process of manufacturing a solar cap prototype with Bluetooth, to listen to music and answer calls.

The president of UNPRG, Jorge Oliva Núñez, said that four young researchers from this university created both solar cap prototypes.

“The brim of cap with solar panel may last for 20 to 25 years, if properly preserved, without being scratched”, he said.

It has two connection points for cable use and USB input. “The cap will work also under shade and its charging time is three and a half hours; if the day is sunny, it loads faster. It is an off-road design product”, he said.

On the back, the solar cap has a lithium-ion battery that may last for 12 to 14 years, made by a renowned Japanese company.

Market Study

Édgar Bautista Díaz, a member of the research team, said that initially they planned to make a smaller scale and not so efficient prototype; their idea was to put photovoltaic cells on the whole brim of cap and manufacture their own solar panels.

“The university, through the Vice-President for Research, gave us support to manufacture the two prototypes”, he stated.

With the acquisition of machinery they can enter into mass production, because according to a market study, people want to use this waterproof product.

We expect to produce a first batch of 10,000 caps next year. We need to import materials such as photovoltaic cells to manufacture these caps”, he added.


The Vice President for Research at UNPRG, Ernesto Hashimoto Moncayo, highlighted the benefits of the solar cap.

These solar caps may also be used by firefighters or other people who want to give it another use. He mentioned the project demanded one year from the members of the research team of the school of Physics and International Business.

“It has been funded with some university resources so the caps will be given, free of charge, to the rural community of Mórrope, because this initiave was inspired by their needs”, he noted.

He stressed that these young students have created the Solar Muchik S.A.C. company. “They are running for a public tender in the municipality of the district of Mórrope, to take advantage of solar energy in populated areas that has no electricity,” he said.

Hashimoto mentioned that the university is not only generating knowledge in students, but also the development of enterprises to create their own companies.

He said that caps are still handmade, because they are made one by one. “It currently costs approximately 50 soles”, he said.

He added that they have already requested a machine to produce the caps, that is, to weld the microelements more quickly and accurately. “The idea is to patent this solar cap. The technical specifications will be provided to the university to help them” he finished.

Fuente: Agencia Andina