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A Guide To Cong Dam Fishing Village

Isolated from the mainland, the Cong Dam area is a destination not a lot of tourists get to visit. The area is unspoiled, clean and remains relatively undeveloped. Because of its natural and unspoiled splendor the area is often referred to as a ‘geological outdoor museum’. The Cong Dam area has stood the test of time and has been preserved in its present form for almost 340 million years.

A Guide To Cong Dam Fishing Village


With grandiose mountains and crystal clear sea water as a backdrop, Cong Dam offers a wide array of activities. Tourists can choose from water based activities such as kayaking, rowing boats and fishing. Snorkeling is also quite popular as the area houses a beautiful coral reef. Just be sure to bring your own mask and snorkel if possible as cruises might not have any available.

The area is home to many beautiful white sandy beaches that are definitely worth a visit, as well as many caves waiting to be explored, some of which have magnificent underwater lakes.

An absolute must do when in the area is visit the Cong Dam floating fishing village. The village has a population of about 120 people and they are eager to show you their way of life and tell you about their trials and tribulations.

Cong Dam fishing village

Cong Dam is both the oldest and smallest floating village in Halong Bay. It has a population of around 120 people and these people keep the old fishing cultures of their ancestors alive to this day.

On the island, there is a small museum and school and it is surrounded by Halong Bay’s famous limestone karsts, islets and beautiful beaches. The area also has a high concentration of coral reefs and underwater lakes which are hidden inside the limestone mountains.

Visitors to Cong Dam often have the opportunity to speak with locals, and hear about their experiences living life on the sea. Visitors may also get the chance to experience different activities such as kayaking around the village and the surrounding area, where you can explore caves or travel to some of the beautiful beaches nearby such as Tra Gioi, Cat Oan or Cay Bang.

If kayaking is not up your alley, it is also possible to pay locals to take you to explore the area in one of their traditional bamboo boats. These boats are often rowed by insanely strong local women who will tirelessly paddle with one oar in each hand.

If the opportunity arises, visitors are recommended to take part in the planting of mangroves which helps with wildlife conservation in the area.

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